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Let the rhythm be the vessel in which your soul takes flight from the everyday plight of life

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An overall wholesome beat…dope

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BRANDEE! By Vishnari and Primo D

The cousins at it again. CYPHERS. Blaaaaaaazed.

Vishnari is I

Twin Hero Joe gave this alter ego its existence.

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SWAGISLAND. By Vishnari the Visioner .

Yours Truly. Woke up at 9am and made this. Morning bowls hit nice after a long Patron drinking and king feasting night. The day post my born day has past. Enjoy SwagIsland. #AgeofAquarius

Vishnari the Visoner, Dennis Rivas

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Kurt kobain

Swag …

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OH MAN A CLASSSSSIC. I remeber how I felt as I made this and the person crossing my mind at the same time too. Enjoy this beat with a nice sample from the Isley Brothers :) (IthinkIloveyou?)